Envelope 3/2013

December 2013

Laboratory specialists in Central Asia


Finnish Environment Institute SYKE's chemists Kaija Korhonen-Ylönen and Satu Mykkänen, along with Senior Researcher Katarina Björklöf, visited Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, in September by invitation of the local environment institute (State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry, SAEPF). The visit was part of the ’Water Quality Monitoring in the Kyrgyz Republic’ project, funded by the ICI programme of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

A two-day seminar was held during the visit and attended by specialists from five Kyrgyz environmental laboratories. The laboratories had taken SYKE's Proftest proficiency test in the spring. The theme of the first day was discussion and evaluation of the test results. There was also some discussion on how the reliability of laboratory results could be improved. 

The second day's subject was the assessment of uncertainties in chemical measurements. In the morning, Satu Mykkänen introduced the theory of uncertainty of measurement and demonstrated the use of the Measurement Uncertainty Kit (MUkit) developed by SYKE. In the afternoon, the participants practised the use of the MUkit software using their own data.

The seminar received a good deal of thanks, and the Russian translation of the MUkit program was considered particularly useful by the participants. The seminar attendees considered future participation in international proficiency tests to be important. The seminar's second day was also attended by representatives from the National Central Laboratory and the United Nations Development Programme. The representatives of both organisations expressed their desire for the continuation of the cooperation.

”We were very happy with our visit. There nevertheless remains much to do in Kyrgyzstan”, said SYKE specialists after their trip.

Text: Katarina Björklöf & Kaija Korhonen-Ylönen
Photo: Mr. Nurlan Abdykalykov 

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